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From its lively cities to storybook scenery, Germany is one of Europe’s most mesmerising destinations.

From its lively cities to storybook scenery, Germany is one of Europe’s most mesmerising destinations. 

With their own distinct identities and charm, each of Germany’s unique regions invite exploration.
Discover how we are the gateway to this spectacular country and what experiences we open to your clients.

Arts and Culture

While Berlin is the epicentre of cutting-edge art and home to a profusion of trendy galleries and art spaces, Frankfurt is a true art metropolis. Along the banks of the River Main, the Museumsufer is home landmark galleries like the Städel Museum, Schirn Kunsthalle and German Architecture Museum. 

For elegant architecture, fall in love with the Baroque beauty of Dresden. Its glorious buildings radiate romantic charm and whisk you back to its opulent past. Moving into the 20th century, Weimar, the birthplace of Bauhaus, is an incredible showcase of the movement’s magnificent modernist buildings.

Perhaps the most captivating time to visit Germany, winter is when towns and cities come alive with Christmas market cheer. With twinkling lights in abundance, craft stalls and the scent of glühwein in the air, this centuries-old tradition is a German cultural highlight.

History and Heritage

With medieval timbered towns and castles that look plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale, Germany is abundant with historic splendour. For the whimsical elegance of Germany’s chocolate box houses, tread the cobblestone streets of Monschau in Eifel, Celle in Lower Saxony and Esslingen in the Neckar Valley. 

Witness Berlin’s landmark sites like the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building and Berlin Wall. See the Gothic majesty of Cologne Cathedral. Marvel at the impossible beauty of Neuschwanstein Castle.



Food and Drink

Germany is, of course, synonymous for its incredible craft beers and flavourful sausages. Bavaria is the place to discover the country’s iconic delicacies, whether on a brewery or market tour, or during a cooking class. 

But Germany has far more than just bratwurst and beer to offer. Berlin’s hip districts Kreuzberg and Neukölln are packed with delicious street food destinations, as well as trendy eateries and bars. Or, for a fine dining experience, there are 25 Michelin starred restaurants in the Capital serving exquisite contemporary cuisine.

Germany is also home to some of Europe’s best wine regions like Rheingau and Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. Here, sun-dappled vineyards line their way down verdant hillsides in the scenic countryside.

Wellness and Leisure

Rich with minerals, Baden-Baden’s thermal springs have been soothing the town’s inhabitants since Roman times. It’s these therapeutic waters that have sealed Baden-Baden’s reputation as Germany’s premier destination for spas.

With day-spas and luxurious spa resorts and hotels, Baden-Baden is the ultimate place to stay for a wellness-inspired escape in Germany. Slip into a spa pool, feel revitalised with a pampering massage or find balance with a yoga session.

For a laid-back getaway where golf is the main activity on the agenda, Germany’s finest golf resorts and hotels are found in the Baden-Württemberg state.


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